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Medicine and Fashion meet with Robin Barrett. The post Robin Barrett Takes On Fashion in D.C. and L.A.  appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel....

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At Eye & Eye Optics, owner Bobin Nicholson wants the experience of choosing the right eyeglass frames to be as enjoyable and relaxing as the reggae music he loves. In 2010, the Dorchester resident purchased the former Peters Optical business in the Lower Mills neighborhood and retrofitted the shop to reflect his style and create a full-service eye...

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In her early 20s, while Joelle Jean-Fontaine toiled at a telemarketing firm, her heart was in fashion. She spent most weekends in New York City collaborating on fashion shoots with a photographer friend. By 2010 her clothing design pursuits led her to launch her clothing line, Kréyol. Over the last six years, Jean-Fontaine has developed products...

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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 15:11

Friends Create Fashionable Tote Bag Line

Aaron Jones and Jason Bass are guilty of “treason.” They have defied the status quo by “going against the grain.”...

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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 14:54

Kevin Kirksey: Redesigning the casual sports shirt

Designer Kevin Kirksey is on a mission to become the first to redesign the polo shirt and first African American with his own leisure sports design. He calls the shirt “the Kevin Kirksey Double Collar Shirt.”...

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This mobile boutique is spreading urban threads through the streets of L.A. and getting women hung up on fashion....

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 07:00

Flint Streetwear Company Awarded $20,000 From AT&T

While the City of Flint, Michigan has made national headlines due to its poisoned water crisis, one local company is drawing positive attention to the community. GoodBoy Clothing recently was awarded $20,000 from AT&T, as the choice winner of its Agility Challenge competition.GoodBoy Clothing is a lifestyle streetwear brand that specializes in...

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Friday, 12 August 2016 07:00

Golden Era Hip Hop Groups Launch Sneaker Line

Kanye West dropped his wildly popular Yeezy Boost Adidas sneaker line last year, causing consumer frenzy—his kicks, originally priced around $250, resell at markup for as much as $5,000. Other hip-hop artists are now following suit with a unique brand that they expect to take the lifestyle sneaker market by storm. Naughty By Nature, Genius GZA, D...

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Friday, 22 July 2016 07:00

Entrepreneur Launches African Pride Sneaker

Atlanta, GA - The sneaker industry has gone thru many evolutions over the past 30 years. From the emergence of global brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas and Converse to high-end designer sneakers from Gucci, Armani to Polo, now the newest development in the sneaker business is the custom sneaker designed for organizations, schools, entertainers and...

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The District of Columbia (D.C.) was the first major American city to achieve a black majority.  And yet, gentrification, defined here as the arrival of wealthier residents in an existing urban district and the removal of poorer residents, has significantly altered the city’s racial demographics, character, and c...

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