Win Projects with a Effective Profile Page

Best Practices

Profile Pic




A Profile Pic is a Must

Based on the two profile pictures displayed, which freelancer would you hire for a project?

A missing profile picture practically eliminates you from winning a competitive project, regardless of your bid proposal. Buyers want to know whom they are working with, and typically scroll past profiles without professional images. A friendly photo of yourself or team is more effective than an image of your company logo.

Don’t miss out on potential business due to a missing profile picture.

Write a Service Description

Now that your picture enticed a buyer to visit your profile page, lock up the job with a concise description of your services. Briefly describe the services you offer and why potential clients should choose you for jobs.

Keep your introduction succinct and to the point. Buyers are also reviewing your competitors, and will not spend excessive time reading a single profile.

List Relevant Skills and Credentials

Select the skill sets that best match the services you can confidently fulfill. Overstating your skills and under-delivering services will significantly reduce your chances of securing future projects.

List any degrees, licenses, certifications, and training courses that support your ability to deliver quality service. Relevant credentials distinguish you from other service providers and convey to buyers that you are qualified to perform the job.

Complete Your Work Portfolio

While a pleasing picture encourages a buyer to view your profile, and a stellar background builds confidence, clients want to see samples of your past work over everything else. Fill your portfolio with images of your past jobs, you and your team at work, and you with your clients.

First Impressions are Key

Increase your chances of winning jobs by presenting a professional profile.

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