Pharmacy Student Takes On Fashion in D.C. and L.A. 

Written by The LA Sentinal

Robin Barrett is proving you can do it all by working in medicine and running her fashion online marketplace Shop VX. The D.C. native came out to Los Angeles three years ago and has since been selling out clothes while keeping charity in mind.

Barrett was in her junior year of college where she was a biology, pre-med major when her grandmother unfortunately passed away. She became obsessed with all of her grandmother’s vintage jewelry and decided to make a vintage clothing line. Her clothing line Vintage Expresso was a hit and featured on many blogs. The internet and social media were two of Barrett’s greatest assets.

“I didn’t have anyone to help me, which was hard,” said Barrett. “Having social media and being able to build websites was such a big help. Now it’s so great because you can really see your insights and get a good idea of your customer base.”

After the success of Vintage Expresso, Barrett thought moving to Los Angeles would be the perfect way to expand. She then ventured into selling other brands of clothing and changed the name of her company to Shop VX. The website sells beauty items from make-up to clothing and accessories. Her exclusive line, Netta , is sold on the website as well.

“I just love the creativity. It’s therapeutic,” said Barrett. “It also goes along the lines of helping people. I love helping people feel good on the outside too. Not only the inside with health but your overall appearance and how you feel.”

Barrett’s greatest goal is to help others. She uses fashion to creat a platform that allows her to give back. She has worked with American Cancer Society, Flip Flops for Haiti, coat drives and more. Most recently, she is doing charitable work through LA Works, at the Alexandria House working with kids and art.

“I’m big on community service. That is the most rewarding part about all of this,” said Barrett.

Los Angeles will be home to Barrett for the next four years as she will be attending Pharmacy School in September at Lomalinda University. She has always kept her hands in fashion and medicine. Barrett continues to work as a transcriber for doctors and looks forward to being a pharmacist.

“I just utilize every second of the day. I get up early,” said Barrett. “My best advice it to get up at 6am and start your day.”

Barrett is a self-made entrepreneur investing thousands of dollars from her own wallet to build her brand. Her clothes are sexy yet casual and made right here in Los Angeles. They have even been featured on the daytime talk show The Real. She plans to keep her boutique online and independently owned.


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