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Negest Dawit, a savvy businesswoman from Ethiopia, steered her 1998 Mercedes Benz past a vacant building on 9th Street near downtown D.C. and gazed into her future. That was 10 years ago....

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Monday, 28 December 2015 08:00

7 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business to Success

You don't need a lot of money upfront to build up a startup. Here's why....

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The chances of receiving funding is very slim, so if you are serious you are going to have to dip into your own pockets....

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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 08:00

4 Bootstrapping Rules for 2014

When building a business from the bottom-up, you've got to be ready for anything. Here's how to avoid bungling things up, even on shaky ground.When Amazon.com and the United Parcel Service bungled countless Christmas orders last year, it wasn't a just a PR nightmare for both companies. It was a teaching moment for fledgling small businesses. If...

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 08:00

Case Study: Keep Your Day Job Start a Business

Nick Chasinov spent five years building his business while holding down another full-time position. Here's what he learned along the way.The Company: TeknicksStart-up Funds: $500 When Nick Chasinov decided to launch his own business, a Web design firm seemed like a natural fit. He had built websites for friends in college and it was a business he...

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In today’s tough economy, small businesses are looking to reduce costs and become more efficient wherever possible.The mantra is no longer “time is money,” it’s now “money is money.” Services that were once viewed as time consuming are now being viewed according to how expensive they are. This includes healthcare, payroll, social media...

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