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Thursday, 15 November 2018 15:09

Rapper Akon Aims to Build Real Wakanda

In his breakout hit single “Locked Up,” hip-hop star, producer, and songwriter Akon Thiam sings “Freedom ain’t gettin’ no closer.” Yet, Akon’s philanthropic work and vision for an empowered African diaspora are all about freeing others from economic barriers and creating opportunities.

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Dorothy Leavell, the fiery and fearless chairman of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and publisher of the Chicago and Gary Crusader newspapers, announced that she has led a group in purchasing the “Chicago Reader.”

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In a move that could see more investments for startup founders of color, rapper and business mogul Jay-Z is launching Marcy Venture Capital Partners in partnership with Roc Nation President Jay Brown and Silicon Valley veteran Larry Marcus, whose investments focus on digital media and consumer services.

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With an estimated 99.95 percent of small business owners and entrepreneurs opting for debt financing, knowing how to prepare your business for a loan application is a must.Among the documents that a lender will review, your personal credit, as well as your business credit are criteria that play an important role—both can either...

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Making it through the first year of a start-up business is never a sure thing, but by September 1, 2008 Kamaul Reid knew he was on his way to success. That’s when his aunt, sitting in the living room of his Dorchester home, was fielding calls from customers on what typically is the busiest day for movers. The scene outside provided confirmation t...

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BET founder Bob Johnson and his entertainment content distribution company RLJ Entertainment have formed a strategic partnership with AMC Networks. The partnership reportedly will build on each company’s long track record of successfully developing high-quality content for targeted audiences and capitalizing on new technology to meet the...

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Gentrification in the once largely-black Shaw neighborhood is a microcosm of the town once known as "Chocolate City," as upscale whites and other nationalities have flooded the city in recent years....

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The rebranding of the Overtown community includes new multi-million dollar developments, more businesses, dining and entertainment venues and programs for the youth. During the Soul Basel VIP Champagne Brunch in Overtown, a panel of some of Overtown’s biggest advocates considered those focal points as the key to the revitalization of the area....

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Thursday, 14 January 2016 08:00

7 Behaviors For Break-Out Success in Business

The thoughts we dwell on and the actions we take, every day, are the biggest factors in how much we achieve....

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Friday, 18 December 2015 08:00

4 Ways to Use New Funding to Boost Your Business

That deposit into your account isn't the end of the transaction. Now you have to figure out the best ways to spend it....

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