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STONECREST, Ga. -- A mammoth multimillion-dollar and multifaceted sports and entertainment complex will soon be constructed in the newly anointed city of Stonecrest, adjacent to Stonecrest Mall, and will be the largest such single-development project in modern DeKalb County history....

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Bad knees forced fitness enthusiast Kendra Blackett-Dibinga to quit her passion of running and training. But those same knee troubles ultimately lead her to a business that has not only relieved her p...

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Music and fitness lovers alike will find their oasis in Los Angeles at Beatbike Indoor Cycling Amphitheater, co-owned by music mogul Shawn Stockman of legendary R&B group Boyz II Men.Fusing high end cycling with cutting-edge music, luxury facilities, and empowering instruction, Beatbike isn’t just a gym—it’s an experience designed...

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 05:00

Fit for Business

When John L. Wright’s neighbor grew frustrated with the lack of progress she experienced while working with a personal trainer, she turned to him for guidance. Wright, a former semi-professional bodybuilder and former dietician in the U.S. Army Reserves, took on the task of creating a customized fitness and dietary regimen.

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