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Post a project in our marketplace for any service that comes to mind.  Whether you're looking for a web designer, accountant, contractor, photographer, or mechanic, there is a black-owned business eager to service your request.

Post Project

Provide the details of your project,the anticipated, and your preferred time of project completion.  Be sure to clearly describe your service request so that there is no confusion and to ensure that bidding service providers understand your expectations.

Compare Bids

Examine each bidder's proposal, marketplace profile, business listing, and reviews.  In addition to the project's bid price, be sure to factor each bidder's presence on the website and reputation when making a selection.

Select Provider

Select your preferred service provider based on bid price, proposal, profile and directory presence, past reviews, and your overall comfort level.

Approve Project

Place the funds for the project in escrow and release the payment when the job is complete.  The Service Provider will only receive funds when the Buyer approves payments.

Marketplace Features

Open or Preferred Bidders

Choose whether the project is open to all or preferred bidders. Browse business profiles and select the businesses that are eligible to bid on a project. 

Open or Sealed Bidding

Select open bidding so that potential service providers can view the average bid, or offer sealed bidding to ensure that providers submit their best offer upfront.

Control the Project

Set the project's budget, create bid deadlines, include non-disclosure agreements, and release withdrawals based on project milestones.

Fixed or Hourly Projects

Select whether projects will be paid based on a fixed price on an hourly rate.

Select Winning Bid

The lowest bid is not automatically awarded the project.  Buyers have sole discretion to award a project to any bidder based on the buyer's preferences.

Secured Escrow Payments

Payments for services will be placed in an escrow account and will not be released until the project is completed and approved by the buyer.

Get Started on Your Project

Post a project today and get bids from qualified businesses.

Post a Project

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