About Us

Minority Biz is a business directory, consumer review publication, and social community that showcases black owned businesses, and connects them to conscious consumers and other businesses that actively support black owned businesses.

african store shopperOur mission is to help:

  • the black community build economic wealth,
  • extend the life cycle of each dollar spent in local communities,
  • improve the relationship between black owned businesses and consumers,
  • create new businesses and jobs in underserved black communities, and
  • assist corporations and goverment agencies achieve their supplier diversity initiatives

We believe that an economically stable and self-sustaining black economy boosts the U.S. economy.  Black consumers can stimulate the black economy by directing the $1 trillion that they spend annually to both black-owned businesses and other businesses that actively support the Black community. 

Recycling money within the black community not only leads to business expansion and the creation of new jobs, as the “Buy Local” movement suggests, but also reduces poverty, unemployment, and crime rates.


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