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Innocent Mukheli graced the stage of the Africa Travel Summit hosted by Airbnb with mouthwatering images that would make anyone stop for a double take. “Our aim is to reframe images from our own life stories, as well as the stories of others, and bring an alternative view of South Africa to a global audience,” 

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Unable to find a job after graduating from Spelman College was discouraging for Danielle P. Jeter, especially because she had done everything right. Not only was she accepted into the prestigious HBCU, but she also became a standout student and excelled during her academic career. “I had a whole résumé of experience. I studied abroad. I interned every summer. I got jobs.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 07:00

When Is It OK to Work for Free

These tips provide a guideline of when it's acceptable to provide work for no fee....

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It’s no secret: Africa is a continent that is being touted by experts, residents, and media alike as a more-than-emerging, enterprise gold mine.Though the challenges of infrastructure, corruption, and terrorism are still present, taking on lucrative ventures is not such a far-fetched idea, especially for black...

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If you act confident enough, you will become confident enough....

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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 08:00

Russell Simmons speaks out on RushCard glitch

Russell Simmons hasn’t slept much since news broke in mid-October that users of his RushCard couldn’t access their own money and were locked out of their accounts, due to a computer glitch, leaving some unable to make rent payments, pay utility bills or buy groceries for their families....

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Friday, 04 July 2014 08:00

The 6 PR Tips Every Startup Should Employ

ith 100 million startups opening up each year and 472 million entrepreneurs worldwide, competition to become the next big thing is brutal. To improve your chances of standing out, follow these PR tips....

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Give reporters what they really want: timely, useful information that can help them do their jobs. Just don’t be a pest about it....

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 08:00

5 Ways to Get Customers to Consider Your Brand

Marketers are obsessed with the concept of "consideration," or getting a potential buyer to think about their products or services when making purchasing decisions. Here's how to add your company's name to customers' lists.One of the things entrepreneurs and chief marketing officers of Inc. 500 companies have in common is their desire to turn...

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If your news items seem stale, try smartening up how you link, adding visuals and encouraging social sharing, to freshen them up....

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