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The MCAMO is dedicated to true commUNITY, the Arts, Local Artists, Businesses and Residence in efforts to Educate, Instruct and Promote the Arts in all genres. At The MCAMO we focus on the importance of commUNITY involvement and cultural pride through exhibits, displays and presentations. Combining the nostalgic properties of audio & visual arts with focus the impact music history plays on current and future generations. We provide exposure for local community artists and alert their communities on the need too support them in the efforts to share their artworks with their communities. We believe in creating opportunities. Understanding you cannot wait for local, state, and or federal governments to aid in the formulation of True CommUNITY as they do not understand nor are they concerned with UNITY. Moving forward in Creating Positive Change; Commercial properties in cities, many empty for years. Why? There is an Artist, Collectives or Associations that could help showcase a vacant property (eliminating blight) bringing life to a dead space while promoting the Arts, Local Artists, and adding character to the immediate CommUNITY. It's a Simple Concept yet (GREED and TAX LOOPHOLES) the selfishness of a few hold in the balance the progress of the many. It's a give and take, but the end result is magnificent (all parties win) as the Arts impact the overall Quality of Life and establish CommUNITY and Cultural Pride. At The MCAMO Sweat Equity Is Priceless!



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