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The city of Detroit has two problems when it comes to the multimillion-dollar residential projects popping up all around the city: inclusiveness to African-Americans living in them and African-Americans developing them. At least one of those issues were addressed for the three new residential projects being developed in the city’s historic Brush Park neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown.

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Finding the perfect card that says all the right things can be difficult, but Andrea Williams sure has the perfect card for the occasion. Founded by Williams, Paisley Paper Co. is a black-owned stationery company located in Detroit, Michigan that is here to meet all your stationery needs.

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All you need is one bite of Jackson’s Five Star Catering and it will have you wanting to come back for more. Founded by husband and wife duo, Anthony “Tony” and Cindy Jackson, the full-service catering company has been serving delicious food to the Detroit area since 1995, specializing in dinner parties, family picnics, baby showers, gourmet boxed lunches, elegant weddings, corporate events, and other amenities. And it all started through inspiration from Tony’s mother.

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Abdul O. Golden’s main objective in life is to help men of color grow. Whether it is through his Golden Grooming Company line of skin and hair care products or his philanthropy work with underserved communities and Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

“We strongly believe in self-empowerment and helping our community,” said Golden. “We believe in controlling our own destiny, healthy living, and taking care of our community. While you’re busy improving yourself and the lives of those around you, we make sure you look good doing it.”

Golden grew up in the neighborhood near East Eight Mile and Van Dyke and graduated from Osborn High School in Detroit. He also has degrees from Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, and Lawrence University. Golden is an accomplished individual but something was missing from his life as an entrepreneur and owner of a Tech Town Detroit software company in the early 2000s.

“I sold that company and went back to corporate America for a while,” he said. “I realized I missed owning my own business and so, I knew I wanted to start another business, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Then I kind of reflected on my past experiences.”

“I used to travel a lot for my job and there was a situation where I was trying to get ready for a trip and I happened to be out in Bloomfield somewhere and I was scrambling around to different drug stores trying to find grooming products. Being out there, it really wasn’t a lot that I could choose from. I thought about that experience and came to the conclusion that there was an opportunity in that space.”

Golden created Golden Grooming Co. in 2015, providing high-quality, all-natural grooming products specifically designed for men of color and began fully operating as a company in 2017. The company offers three products, including a beard, hair, and body wash, beard balm, and healing body lotion. All of the products are 100 percent natural, plant-based, and healthy for the mind, body, and soul of colored men.

“There a several unique aspects to this company and what we are trying to do,” said Golden. “First and foremost, this company is about really empowering men and helping them on their journey of living a healthy lifestyle. We are making products that help men that are on that journey. The products on the market aren’t good for men of color and our stuff is specifically designed and formulated for the needs, wants, and desire of men of color. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body.”

Staying ahead of the game, while keeping their community in mind, 5 percent of sales from Golden Grooming Co. will be donated to programs that foster entrepreneurship in youth of color from underserved communities, in addition to providing financial support for HBCUs at the end of 2018.

“As a company, we believe in giving back,” Golden said. “It’s not just about doing good for yourself, it’s also important to help others and contribute to your community. This is just a way that we think we can do that.”

“We know how important of a role HBCUs play in our community and to our people. Historically, they’ve been under-resourced and challenged. This is our way of trying to help how we can. Entrepreneurship is another path you can take to becoming a healthy, productive, member of society. And we like to donate to causes that help kids under entrepreneurship.”


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Workspaces are popping up all over downtown and midtown Detroit but there are not too many in the neighborhoods. Thanks to the Motor City Match program, Elite Detroit Leadership event space, co-working space, and entrepreneurial hub will be coming to the Six Mile and Gunston area by the end of 2018.

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 Mayor Karen Weaver announced that the City of Flint, Michigan has tapped Ascendant Global Consulting (AG) to lead a comprehensive economic development effort that will aid in Flint’s recovery and position the city for long-term economic success. Last month on March 26, Flint City Council voted to approve the agreement.

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Jevona Watson pleads guilty of doing what most people do in their neighborhoods.

“As a resident, I too have been guilty of minding my own business to the detriment of the community,” says Watson, an attorney, who decided to do something to improve the Bagley neighborhood on Detroit’s west side where she has lived since 2005.

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At its annual business meeting held recently in Erlanger, Kentucky, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA) discussed goals and objectives with direct and indirect suppliers in preparation for the new fiscal year.  As customary at these meetings, Toyota, the world’s largest auto maker, honored suppliers who have exceeded the company’s expe...

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After researching the nation’s oil and gas industry, Moses Shepherd unearthed some compelling information: There are a scant number of minority suppliers operating in the $47 billion market. Hoping to seize upon a vast opportunity to compete in a business without many such rivals, Sh...

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Since the launch of Entrepreneurs of Colors Fund last year, JPMorgan Chase has awarded $2.75 million to nearly 30 minority-owned small businesses, to start up and expand in the Detroit area. More than two-thirds of the loans are supporting neighborhood businesses, creating approximately 79 jobs, and 45% are supporting minority women-owned...

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